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Royal Mougins Golf Club

The course at Royal Mougins Golf Club was designed by the esteemed golf course architect Robert van Hagge. When it opened in 1993, it was soon hailed as one of the best, if not the best, golf course in France. Many great courses have been added since then, but Royal Mougins is still very much a top contender.

Since opening in 1993, the club has been constantly improved and upgraded. In 2003 Mr Rattan Chandra (of MEXX fashion fame) bought the club and started investing in a number of upgrades. The clubhouse was re-done, and a 29 suite hotel and spa was added, opening in 2009. During 2018 the golf course itself has seen a number of changes and improvements, making it better than ever. More on that later.

Club atmosphere

What is interesting about Royal Mougins is how it has managed to retain a very nice “club feeling”. In spite of having a hotel and spa, and a number of apartments/suites, it has managed to retain an intimate and very friendly atmosphere, something that is often missing at golf resorts. At Royal Mougins you feel like you are at a more traditional golf club, rather than at an anonymous resort. The service is very personal, too. And top notch.

A gourmet experience

Speaking of top notch, so is the food at Royal Mougins. It is so good that it is worth visiting the club for lunch and dinner, even if you don’t have time for golf. There are too many good dishes to choose from for me to list here, but trust me, you won’t be disappointed. The Provencal-style clubhouse with an outside terrace overlooking the 18th hole is an extra finishing touch adding to the experience.

Golf Academy

At Royal Mougins you also find a fully equipped golf academy, complete with both a Trackman and a PuttLab. The academy also features a couple of fitness rooms with all the equipment you expect at a professional gym.

Make it your home

If this all sounds good to you and you would like to spend an extended time at the golf club, there are some time-share apartments available. We stayed in one of them, and they are very well appointed, with fantastic views of the golf course and the surrounding landscape. For more details contact the club.

Royal Mougins Golf Club Information
Adress 424, Avenue du Roi, 06250 Mougins, France (Se karta)
Telefon+33 (0)4 92 92 49 69
Email[email protected]
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